Fall…  Fall and fear not to touch the ground.

The ground does not exist.

Because in reality you are falling upwards. You are falling back into yourself.

My being is in a state of continuous expansion. My consciousness is spread over a vastness that feels like the galaxy. My body is constantly turned on without a specific reason. I experience multiple full body orgasms every day even when I don’t have sex. Just an innocent touch of a man makes me suffocate with ecstasy.

I feel fear creeping in. Fear of getting lost in this incredible wave.  To lose identity forever.

Yet I know that what is real can never be lost.


As for the rest… I am ready to let go.

Even more.

Even deeper.

I am ready to die to myself and be alive to You alone.


Hitting the edge.

It is all designed so I see all the places within me where I can trust even deeper.


Forgetting to eat, to sleep, my name, my center.

Floating into expansion beyond what I ever knew was possible.

Surrendering to the intensity of the flow.


A friend said: “I had something similar. When I took LSD”.

That’s it. That’s the way my life is. As if constantly on drugs.

But more intense.

Shakti meets Shiva.

That’s the essence of Sundari.

Bliss of union.

I disappear.


Photo by Zoi Photography

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