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“The Goddess is our primary life force on the planet. If we don’t utilize the love, nurturing, understanding, and kindness of the divine feminine within all of us, we will not survive. We need this essence to return balance to our world, our bodies, and our lives”.

Below please see the list of all the Goddess workshops that I offer.

The three first ones listed are designed to allow participants to explore the aspects of first three Mahavidyas (Great Goddesses) from tantric tradition. Since ancient times in different cultures people have been worshipping Goddesses, for some this practice was illuminating and enlightening. Each of them represents an aspect of the Universe.

It is very profound and beneficial for women to connect with the Mahavidyas, it brings a completely different and deep understanding of femininity.

Goddess Kali Workshop

workshop goddess 1During thins three hour workshop women are invited to awaken the wild goddess inside them and let her dance!
Kali – the famous hindu Goddess of time and transformation. Kali insists that we should embrace our darkness, our depth. And only after that we can let our light shine.

To creat we must first destroy, to give space for new we must let go of old.

“What an amazing journey it was – seeing women embracing their wild side, dancing together dances that don’t look pretty at all, and yet so beautiful and powerful, because they are honest and authentic”.


Goddess Tara Workshop

workshop goddess 2A half-day Mystical Dance workshop in which we explore the aspects of the Goddess Tara within us.
Tara is the goddess of infinite compassion, knowledge, love and understanding.

She has a powerful fierce side to her as well, which we also explore during the workshop.
We all as women have the ability to connect to these powers of the universe and heal ourselves and others through the deep wisdom that comes with this connection.

We connect with the goddess through dance and other practices from tantric tradition.

Goddesss Tripura Sundari Workshop

workshop goddess 3A three hour workshop dedicated to the Goddess Tripura Sundari.
Participants deeply connect with the Goddess through the crown chakra and awaken her qualities within themselves.

Tripura Sundari is the Goddess of divine beauty… The highest beauty is not on the outside but on the inside. External beauty can only reflect for a moment a greater internal beauty which transcends all forms. True beauty is eternal.

To worship Tripura Sundari is to follow the path of beauty and delight through the world of nature into the Absolute

Goddess of the moment

workshop goddess 4During this workshop we are exploring energy of various Goddesses, each participant focuses specifically on the energy that she needs in this moment of her life.

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