May 26, 2021

We can only match the depth of another at the depths we’ve already met ourselves.

This is a mystical Truth.

There is a deep awakening on our planet, and a thirst for deep healing. Many people are feeling the call to step into leadership or facilitation and to support humanity during this time of massive evolution.

Here is one piece of wisdom I always share with sɘxual healers who are stepping into this role…

If we want to begin offering sacred sɘxual bodywork, we must first turn inward to do our own inner work and clear our own vessel.

It is not at all necessary to feel 100% healed before stepping into your leadership (our inner work is not done until we leave this planet)…

Yet we can be deeply devoted to our inner work, and hold a deep sense of self-responsibility and integrity.

This is the number one requirement for the safety and surrender of our clients – our own healing.

In order for our clients to heal and transform, they must feel safe in our presence. They have to know that they are being securely held. The container we hold HAS to have a foundation of safety.

This is nonnegotiable and is especially true when it comes to the realms of sacred sɘx and bodywork. You have to maintain a clear vessel.

How is this achieved? It’s simple, really – but not always easy.

We achieve this through our lived experience and embodied practice. Our inner work here is to commit to showing up for ourselves in our practice and devotion.

We can’t waver in our commitment to integrity, Truth, and Love.

Even when we are going through a storm, we can know how to clear our vessel so we can offer a safe healing space.

This is something I am eaching to my students who embrace the role of the healer.

This photo is taken at my latest Practitioners’ Training retreat in Portugal.≜

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