June 10, 2022

When you live on Purpose and are on Fire by what you do, you are carried.

Yet, what also can happen is that at times this Fire burns so bright it’s easy to get… fried! 🔥

Softening the heart, regulating the nervous system, waking up the erotic aliveness, melting into connection, allowing yourself to be held… seems to not have much to do with Success, accomplishments and being on Purpose…

In the old paradigm on Leadership all this is actually seen as distraction. ❌

But in the New Paradigm… we recognise that all of this is what actually FUELS our Purpose.

Because if you want to give Big you have to receive Big!

You need to be filled up from within to carry on.


This is what I see happen during my Immersions:

The soul family comes together, you get so profoundly nourished from the depths, you soften al the hardened bits, you let yourself be washed by the light of Consciousness, you are held by the Temple and by the community, you harness your power from its very core, you feel seen in the brightest parts of you… (watch my latest reel to get a taste of it + my yesterday’s live with Oliver!)

And then…

You go out into the World and bring this light with you!

You offer yourself in a new capacity and a renewed sense of Power, with a renewed sense of enthusiasm about being ALIVE and Creating the world of your Dreams:

for yourself,
your loved ones and
for the humanity.

If you know that’s right up your alley – it would be a JOY to have you at Return to Ecstasy Immersion.

Note that the next retreat I’m offering will have various prerequisites before joining + the price will be much higher.

These containers are incredibly special, there is nothing like it out there! 💫

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