June 10, 2022

I had to crack some deeply embedded codes to open to this Love.

I had to sit with my wounds.
I had to experience the pain of hurting myself by being in wrong relationships.
I had to get honest with myself about where I was keeping myself small and what I truly desired.
I had to shed many layers of conditioning and my beliefs about men.
I had to do healing work on behalf of my whole female lineage.
I had to increase my standards of love.
I had to get very clear about my No, and say it a lot and often – while keeping my heart open.
I had to connect with the feminine know-how inbuilt in my body.
I had to crack my masculine protective shell.
I had to mature in my healthy masculine.
I had to expand my capacity to sit in the Fire.
I had to grow in my emotional mastery.

I had to fall in love with my own heart.
Like, for real.

And now…

I feel profoundly met by my beloved. I feel cherished for who I am. I feel understood. Invited into my greatness. This Meeting, this Sacred Union is the greatest Gift of my Life… ♥️

I created this for myself.

And if I could do it – you can do it too ♥️


Once we turn inwards and discover that it really is US who decide… once we connect to that place within, we develop a magnetism that enables us to effortlessly receive all that we have ever wanted, including True Love and Sacred Union.

♛ This is the truly Feminine path.
It’s the path that invites the grace of the Goddess back on our planet.

A Woman who embodies it blesses this Earth with every her step.
I am so grateful to walk this path side by side with so many.

I really wish all women could connect with this profound yet natural feminine wisdom.

♛ Inside the Magnetic Woman Masterclass I am sharing all this with you!

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