June 10, 2022

“It seems you are flowing through life, just witnessing you move about with so much grace makes me wonder – how do you do it?There is no striving or pushing in your energy, you seem to be at ease and there seem to be always people around you – how?,” – a woman asked me.

I loved this question and such an acknowledgment without a sense of competition from a sister!

The answer is: I’ve made it a point in my Life to master the art of feminine magnetism, that’s how!

I have two seemingly contradictory parts within me: incredible softness 🌊 and… incredible strength. 🔥

These two parts of me have not always co-existed in harmony… For a long time I could either be powerful or soft. It took years and dedication to marry the two. There were times when I delivered my clarity with a sharpness that was lacking warmth… There were also times when I was so lost in my softness, I didn’t have the spine to hold my boundaries…

☤ I’ve always known that I must marry these two parts within – it’s not an accident I was born with a powerful influence of both Moon and Sun (Cancer and Leo astrologically), it’s not an accident I hold a vision so big: I know when I crack a code within myself it serves the benefit of all living beings.

And so here I am now – feeling more integrated in these two parts and balanced than ever, more me than ever, happier than ever and as a result of all that – wealthier than ever.💫

⚡️Here comes a permission slip:

🌊You can be highly receptive, deeply sensitive, have psychic abilities and a yearning to live all these fully…


🔥Be visible, make bold moves, exude mind-blowing courage in your leadership, have the most extraordinary relationships with your clients and have a 7 figure business.

In fact you will discover that not only these two are not contradictory… but they rather support and empower each other!!

I want to dive deeper into breaking down what it actually takes to receive from a place of power: clients, beloved, money and anything else, really!

Are you excited for this convo? ✨✨✨

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