June 3, 2022

Through a committed conscious Union, two people can experience what it feels like to be divine. ⁣

When two come together in transparency of love, they become more conducive for the high voltage of Love.

It sounds amazing. And really, it is.⁣

Yet it’s not for the frail ones.⁣ To be fit for a Love like that we need to be capable of holding the Fire.

Relationship patterns, heartbreaks and sɘxual wounding can be some of the most painful parts of our human experience…

♡ Yet they also are the most powerful opportunities for evolution and expansion into the Truth that we are. ♡

And… the way we navigate through those makes us equipped to hold the Fire and Grace of Love.

✯ If you are single, this is a powerful time to ask yourself what you repeated in past relationships so that you can clear the pattern before calling in your next partner. ✯

If you feel like you’re going through life yet nothing seems to change, it’s time to heal these relationship patterns so that you can move forward in your evolution.

What relationships pattern do you recognise yourself in?

Comment with the number!

I’ll pick the most common one and write more in-depth about it!

P.S. I elaborated on the 2 very big patterns for women and men in my live – head over to my timeline to watch the recording if you missed it!

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