May 27, 2021

Did you know that a man’s confidence is proportionate to his relationship with his 🍆?

If you think that if only you had enough money you’d be a confident man… that’s not true. The cash would only act as a band-aid. It won’t solve the real issue.

Your true confidence can only come forth once you are truly anchored in your masculine essence.

Your lingam/your cock – is the place where your masculinity begins.

The sanscrit word “lingam” literally means “pillar of light”. That’s what your 🍆 is, dear brother!

Most men don’t really have a love for their cock — rather, they are just using it.

Many men carry pain of having their cock handled in a rough way. Some men hold a trauma resulted from circumcision…

Many men have experienced premature ejaculation, difficulty getting or sustaining an erection, “wet dreams”, “blue balls”, shame and guilt around səxuality and performance, experiencing an erection only when you are in the active role, needing intense stimulation to feel pleasure on the level of both the mind and the body (p0rnography is a form of intense stimulation)…

All this creates a distance from the real beauty and magic that is your sacred lingam .

☤ Your cock is your power centre and the positive pole of your body, according to Taoism. ☤

Your relationship with your cock may give you sensation that you have power or that you totally fail.

So if like many men you don’t have a healthy relationship with your 🍆, you won’t have a healthy relationship with your power.

The lingam is the direct link to the Consciousness, the essence of the Masculine.

▵ Treat it as such.
▵ Learn to listen to it, learn to honour it.
▵ It is not about the size or how exactly it looks.
▵ It is rather about whether you dare to OCCUPY your cock.
▵ Whether you dare to OWN it.

“But how?” – you may wonder…

After working with thousands of men all over the world, I have become so passionate about teaching men the spiritual power of their cock and their sexuality.

If you want to learn how to find your real confidence, how to start feeling Life deeply, how to tap into your full potential in the bedroom and in life, and how to not only please your partner but how to experience expanded states of consciousness through sacred sexuality…

You would LOVE the Sacred Man | Sacred Woman training taking place really soon in Portugal, where you will embody your sacred cock in a completely new way.

(Psss – men have claimed that by doing the practices that I will be teaching there not only their confidence increased, but even the size of their 🍆 literally increased!)

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