May 19, 2021

▵♛ A man’s supreme task is to become conscious of consciousness itself — to embody the Divine will that holds the atoms together, that keeps the planets and stars on their course. ♛▵

What allows the Feminine to shine is when she feels that she can rest on an unwavering presence. In your Masculine presence, her vulnerability will feel protected.

That’s exactly what gives a sense of safety to the Feminine. The Feminine thrives when she can surrender into trusting your inner Masculine strength.

When a man wants to be better in bed, wants to advance in his consciousness, and wants to fully activate and use his human potential, this is what I tell him…

The way you show up in bedroom is exactly the way you show up in Life. ≜

You can cultivate this Masculine energy of presence and strength within you. When you do, everything else shifts.

The Feminine is more attracted to your energy and your Masculine strength and presence than anything else.

✯ Men, do you ever wonder if you are strong enough… or good enough, especially in the eyes of the Feminine?

✯ You may even wonder how to live your full potential and to fully realize yourself as the powerful, strong man that you truly are.

✯ …And how to attract and keep the affection of a conscious woman.

The key to all this lies in cultivating your səxual energy, taking responsibility of your actions, and stepping into your courage.

This is the work that I do. I would be so honored to guide you on your journey of transformation. ☤

Working with tens of thousands of men and women around the world, I have developed a life-changing experience for you to help you transform and empower your səxuality.

You are invited to join us for the Sacred Man | Sacred Woman live training.

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