February 27, 2020

A million-dollar secret: this will likely change your intimate relationships (and life).

When your partner is retreating/ running to the cave/ becoming emotionally distant/ leaning away, the natural response is to lean towards them.

It can even be explained through physics!

And this makes them… lean away even further. 

The vicious circle goes on, and in the worst-case scenarios turns into a codependent avoidant/anxious dynamic.

Are you sick of it? Do you want out of this game?

So listen here.

When your partner is withdrawing their energy… don’t lean towards them. Just don’t. Seriously, don’t. It’s not going to get you what you want. Not in the long run.


Lean towards yourself.

Bring all your resources to increase joy and pleasure in your life in ways that don’t include your partner.

As a result: you will feel more self-sustained, nourished and radiant. 

Mind you, my friend, you cannot cheat this. If you are pretending to be doing it, and then checking your phone every 5 minutes to see if there is a message from them, it means you are faking it and this will be felt in your energy and even seen by your facial expression.


How to lean towards yourself? A great thing to do is to find yourself in the company of super inspiring people from all over the world who are coming together to activate their body of pleasure. This will make you feel nourished and charged up from inside (you are even likely to discover what it feels like to be multi-orgasmic).

Where can you do it?

In Portugal.


April 29 – May 2.

With whom?

With yours truly, Sofia Sundari.

With what?

Liberation into Orgasm Immersion!

Time to take your ALIVENESS seriously!


Liberate yourself

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