September 22, 2021

A Relationship is a continuous Ceremony.

It includes many rituals.

Some short, yet deeply meaningful: like falling asleep together… shopping furniture for our new home… uncontrollably laughing in the steam room… sharing a delicious meal… celebrating each other… or sensing you carefully opening the door in the morning, trying to not wake me up…

Other rituals are long and exhausting… like stumbling over old wounds that take a long time to come out of darkness and be fully seen… or navigating the void of not knowing what is next… But in the end of these ones we inevitable feel purified.

A Relationship is a Ceremony that creates so much healing for the parts of us that we didn’t know have been hurting. It’s a Ceremony that invites us into expansion, into meeting our own selves in a bigger way than ever before.

This Ceremony invites the heart to blossom, and the security of total commitment to love is what makes the blossoming truly possible.

Photo: us by @patriciaimbarus

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