September 22, 2020

Some of you resonate with every single post I make. Others resonate with some and not so much with others. Others resonate with nothing (I wonder why are you here then though?). All of this is fine. ⁣

If something creates a reaction in you, my invitation is to pause everything you are doing, stay with this reaction, breathe into it and try to see what is underneath. What feelings are getting activated. This could be a very valid function of my posts – to help you investigate that. ⁣

Almost every week people tell ⁣me that their lives have transformed in wonderful and beautiful ways simply through following my content on social media. Some of these people have been around for years and they haven’t joined any of my paid courses.⁣

I receive these testimonials with humbleness and gratitude. ⁣

Although it is not my intention to help or change anyone. Writing is natural for me and it is my favourite art form. If it helps people in their inner transformation – great. Your receptivity is very inspiring to me.⁣

At the same time regularly I receive unkind and sometimes even rude and disrespectful comments.⁣

You may be surprised, but it hurts every time.⁣

I am a real person with a real heart. I am also very sensitive, perhaps more sensitive than most people you know.⁣

I know this may not be obvious. I’m sharing very challenging content: it invites people to question their beliefs about intimacy, sexuality, relating and life in general. It may seem that I have a thick skin and that’s why I dare to speak like that.⁣

In fact, the opposite is true. I am writing all this BECAUSE I am very sensitive and I am deeply in tune with my heart, that’s what makes me care about this life and how we live it.⁣

I dare to speak not because I am insensitive but because this is my way of creatively expressing my love.⁣

I am reminded of a quote from Marianne Williamson: “if you are getting an applause each time you speak it means you are not doing your job correctly”.⁣

It means that humanity is undergoing a profound transformation, and some of us are here in support of that. Transformation is not always a pretty process. In order to transform we have to see parts of us that are clinging to the past. Highlighting those is meant to make some people very upset. But it is just a part of the process.⁣

So if you don’t agree with what I’m sharing, please know that it is ok. It doesn’t make you a bad person. It doesn’t make me a bad person either. It is not an attack against you. My posts are not directed to anyone specific. And they are not meant to be “the right fit for all”. You don’t need to defend your view. If you are so called, welcome to share your perspective in a comment. But please, dear one, mind your language. Before posting check where this comment you are about to make is coming from. And try to share from your heart rather than from a mind that is offended. ⁣

Please remember that there is a real person receiving your comments. And this person has only ever wanted your return to your own heart.⁣

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