June 16, 2019

Life is throwing me into her fire, again and again.

When I yell at her: “Can I have a break, bitch?!”… she kicks me down a cliff.

Life seems twisted, full of contradictions.

I feel immensely powerful. I feel incredibly small.

I feel an infinite compassion for human existence.

I feel a completely new level of knowing and loving myself, that is way beyond self worth.

I feel cut open in my core, I feel I’m bleeding with every step I take.

I am shining from within.

I feel great respect for people who are around me, I value friendship more than ever in my life.

I deeply care about the humans that I love.

I feel completely alone.

All at the same time.

Who am I in the midst of this paradox?

All there is to do… is surrender… more.

Because somewhere in those ashes I am found.


Photo by Bibbie Friman

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