June 10, 2022

I’m about the make the biggest investment of my Life.

I feel parts of me are trembling… yet… my Soul is thriving.

I know things are about to change big time.

I know success is inevitable.

I know I am stepping into something… that will take me to a whole new level of embodiment.

I know we are witnessing something legendary.

The rational mind comes in and asks questions: “Are you sure this is reasonable?”

Reasonable?.. No, it’s not! Not on the level of the mind anyway.

My dear… where would I be if I followed only that which is logical?

Probably still stuck in the office of my first ever job as a lawyer!

Logic exists on an entirely different plane than the manifestation. The speed of the mind is incredibly slow compared to the speed of miracles.

In fact, I’ve noticed that whenever I run things through the mind I am slowing down the manifestation process.

How crazy (yet also obvious) is that!

Each time I’ve made an “unreasonable” move I quantum leaped.

“You paid your mentor 60k?! For how many sessions? And how many hours of support are you getting?” – it’s a different reality my love. I invested 60k into me. And… as a matter of fact I got it back times 3 in a matter of weeks upon sending the cash.

“You paid 10k for a program and you don’t even know for what?? Where is your mind?” – idk I felt it and trusted it. And it was oh-so-worth-it!

“You paid 175k for what? For a mastermind? Are you nuts?” – Hmm… I did sit with it for some time, because my mind was comparing stuff. Yet my heart and body knew instantly and actually I wish I trusted myself and moved faster before there was a waiting list! The fact that I paid that much to simply BE HELD did something great to my Soul.

♛ Making an investment is one of the best ways to claim an identity. ♛

You can’t think about it with the mind of your past self. Think like your future self – the one you are becoming. What does this one think of this investment?

That’s how you know.

The investment I’m about to make is not just an investment in the thing I’m purchasing.

It’s an investment in my Soul.

It’s a YES to the path ahead of me.

How do I know?

I just do.

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