September 15, 2020

This post is not about inviting you to discover your power. ⠀

This post is about a thing that comes with power, that not many talk about.⠀

When you get to know how powerful you are, when you discover techniques of self mastery – from that moment on you are on a one way street. There’s no turning back, you’ve opened a portal and from here you are going to keep going further and deeper. And this is a working of Grace.⠀

Power is also very attractive. You become at ease with yourself. You naturally become more confident. ⠀

People who have studied with me say that they notice that they become much more attractive to others since they’ve started the Work. This is very common for everyone who’s doing conscious inner work, especially so if it includes liberating trapped sexual energy. ⠀

It is no magic. You are beginning the return to your natural state. Which is full of radiance, full of power, full of magnificence. It is very attractive.⠀

There is also a potential great danger here. Because this power may be misused. That’s one of the reasons why the information about self mastery and sexual cultivation was kept secret for thousands of years. ⠀

There have been way too many cases when this power was misused.⠀

So here is what I want you to know:⠀

Your power comes with responsibility.⠀

Even if you’ve just started your own journey you have a special effect on other people. Because of this it is very common for other people to expect their preferred way of relating from you and get traumatised or re-traumatised by your unavailability for that. ⠀

Let’s say you are a man and you had a hot date with a woman, it was magical and deep, but it didn’t seem like big deal for you, but it was for her. And it will always be for her, unless she’s totally disconnected from her femininity. When you don’t follow through, she likely gets very hurt and hence reinforced in perhaps already existing negative beliefs about men.⠀

You can choose whether you are a part of the problem or a part of the solution.

Unless done within clearly defined boundaries within therapeutic or transformational session – when you open someone beyond their normal capacity it is a dangerous and potentially re-traumatising experience for them.⠀

Many people have been deeply burnt specifically in sexual or sensual context. ⠀

No, it is not all their “stuff”. It is as much yours as it is their. ⠀

You have to recognise your power, you have to own it and you have to be very careful about how and with whom you share it.⠀

Before offering all your charm, sexiness and charisma to someone, take a step back from your inner animal and assess: do you really take full responsibility about what you are offering? Are you able to take responsibility for what is going to open up within this person? Will this person be able to handle this power? Or is there a chance it will set their world on fire? And if so – are you willing to be there and hold their hand as the fire settles?⠀

If not – don’t engage.⠀

Just don’t.⠀

It is not worth it, I guarantee.⠀

Even offering a hug that lasts a little too long for normal standards – are you aware of how this may impact this person? ⠀

The deeper is your inner work, the more mastery you have the less you need to prove your self worth to yourself by impressing other people with your extraordinary charm and skills.⠀

This is your energy. This is your power. It’s great to awaken and explore it in a safe context. But it’s something that needs to be held with respect and containment. ⠀

Photo by @lucianoarmani

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