November 29, 2018

I receive many emails from people (mostly women) asking how to attract a beloved.

Maybe there is someone in your life that you want a deeper connection with. Or maybe you haven’t met this person yet, but you want to welcome him/her into your life.

Some women end up saying that there are no good men – or no *conscious* – men around.

If you can identify with any of the above, I invite you to tune into this:

What if the issue was not about the man or the woman, but about you?

Now, you may say: “Oh I’ve done so much work on myself,” or “There is something wrong with me?!”

No, not that. There is nothing wrong with you. But blaming the world or giving responsibility to someone else for how we feel in our lives… is a major way of giving away your power.

If the issue is within you – it’s great news. Because it means you are in charge of it: you created it and – yes, yes – you can change it.

How could you be unconsciously scaring away a potential partner?

– By having (conscious or unconscious) expectations or demands on how they should show up.
All the thoughts starting with “I deserve…” “He/she has to…”, which basically means that you do not accept the other person as they are and wish that they would show up differently. The question is: “if you want this person to be different, why are you even bothering to focus so much on them?”

– Making your whole life about another person. This will make anyone feel smothered and pressured.

– And a real biggie: Expecting another person to provide you with a sense of joy and pleasure.
This happens when we are not taking care of our own joy and pleasure, which is not dependent on anyone else.

Let’s get honest here: have you ever caught yourself doing any of the above?

The most common feedback I get from women who have completed module 2 of the Priestess School is that once they come back home suddenly men start reaching out, and not just any men!
Those good “conscious” men.

It’s not magic. It’s the result of deep inner work on activating our energy body and our inner radiance. A woman who is oozing radiance is magnetic by definition.

Once our magnetic field is activated, we naturally draw in things and people that truly resonate with us. Without much effort. This is the real secret of the feminine/yin know-how. And it really works.

There are various ways to activate our radiance, but nothing works as quickly and directly as specific work on activating our sexuality and de-shaming the inner slut (yes yes). Trust me, I have done lots of experiments with this over the last 10 years.

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