February 15, 2018

I actually tried really hard to be “ok”. I tried to make people feel good in my presence. To fit in with the cool kids at my university. To fit into the model of what a beautiful and desirable woman should be.
I even researched on the internet how to become a top class lover.

Nothing helped.

People told me: “Gal, you’re from a different planet.”

I wasn’t sure what to think about that. What did people think about me? I kinda liked the feeling of being non-standard. But wasn’t really sure how to maintain the image.

Should I do unpredictable weird things and learn 23 methods of making people blush within the first 25 seconds of meeting me, or should I stop swearing forever and speak only about wonderful and beautiful things? Should I be dangerous Kali embodied, or do I just have a multiple personality disorder and identity crisis, and maybe just stay quiet and listen to my long sad songs?
And cry?

Actually crying doesn’t usually work so I don’t even fit into the idea of what a sensitive Cancer should be!

I tried to be a little less direct and to moderate my ways. I also tried to force myself to open up and not be so shy among new people.

Nothing worked! Nothing made me feel ok!

At some point I even ended up feeling too young and too beautiful.
Too orgasmic.
And too rich.

So… I decided to not censor my speech anymore because I like to be direct and to the point.

I gave up on offering a reduced, polished version of myself to the world.

I also found a really special place within myself.
In this place there is no need.
No hesitation.
No shame.
No games.

I incarnated deeper into my body. I became really comfortable in my own skin.

I became a lot more at ease with myself and with life in general.

Not only that.

I managed to gather up people who seem to be a bit abnormal too.

And together we drop in, we practice, we become truly ALIVE.

And we create wild, mystical temple spaces all over the world.

Where women and men come together and celebrate existence, in love, in purity, in openness and freedom of the most authentic expression.

Priestess School is one of my ways of bringing these people together.

If you’re tuning into the wild mystical vibe, you’ll probably wanna join it.

There are some beautiful opportunities for men to join us too!


Photo by Lisa Galesloot


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