January 25, 2019

My bestselling book Liberation Into Orgasm, that was published in April last year, is an invitation to go on a journey that will take you through pleasure beyond pleasure. This book is not just a bunch of nice ideas that are only good for the mind, it is an invitation to experience Life totally, and live fully, unapologetically, shamelessly as You.

The mind will never make us free. We need to go beyond it. And this is what Liberation into Orgasm offers us. With this book, I reveal the tantric perspective of what is really possible for each human being in this Life.

And now the book is available in audio format!

Here are 6 juicy points that I’m speaking about in the book:

1. Orgasms
Why are they important? Orgasm can be something like a genital sneeze or it can be something that expands you beyond what any kind of chemical, plant or drug can do to you. Learn how to give and experience different types of orgasms – anal, breast,throat, full body and multi-orgasms, to name a few. I am sharing about 10+ types of orgasms for men and women.

2. Self love and Self pleasuring
This is such an important part of our being that we are not taught as children. Self love is where freedom begins. Self pleasure is a way honor yourself by allowing yourself and opening yourself up to pleasure and serving a love to yourself.

3. Amazing lover: how to become one?
A great lover is someone who is total in their loving. It is someone who can approach love making as a meditation, who knows how to be present with themselves and their partner and follow the simple truth of the moment.

4. What do men want from women? What do women want from men?

5. Ejaculation
Did you ever wonder about Ejaculation mastery or Female ejaculation?

6. My personal experiences
I share realizations I had in intimate moments with my partners.

Liberation Into Orgasm is now available on Amazon (Audible) as an audiobook. So if you like receiving information through hearing and don’t mind my gentle Russian accent – go get it!

Why should you get it, again?

Because you are intrigued by sex, either a little shy or very open about it. In any case, you have the intuition that there must be more to your sexuality. Trust that feeling.

If you feel endless spiritual thirst and desire to feel more connected to your true Self in every moment of your life, if you feel that sex and spirit are not two separate things but actually are deeply intertwined… Liberation Into Orgasm is definitely for you.

You might be fascinated by orgasms. Possibly you never had one or you are fully orgasmic but might feel that there is more…

And there always is more…

The ultimate orgasm is when you become so big, nothing can limit you. The ultimate orgasm is when you expand beyond the mind, beyond any concept, any conditioning, any trauma. In this space there is no shame, no blame and no guilt. The ultimate orgasm is freedom. And it is deeply sacred.

Here is what my readers said about the book:

Reminder that we are Divine
“The book is amazing eye opener and more than just that: because u touch every part and many layers, it’s suitable for people who are just starting waking their awareness up about sexuality to those who already know many things about themselves and still forget who they really are.
You are called Sofia Sundari. But more than that, to me you are Sofia Surrender. And that’s the key for living Divine Life in this Eden we call Earth.
Thank you for beautiful reminder.”
~Amazon Customer

If you’re into freedom, exploration, and love…
“Thank you for putting this book together Sofia! Your writing is so refreshing and it is such a pleasure to be able to delve into a work that gives such a sense of freedom, exploration, and permission for self love and beyond. This book covers topics I’ve been interested in for decades, as well as shown me the way on things I had never even heard of… Thank you for this liberation!”

If these words are resonating with you, head over to Amazon or straight to Audible and get your copy of my bestselling book today!

Art by @tinamariaelena

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