December 22, 2021

We attract partners of the same level of development as that of our own inner masculine or feminine. ️‍🔥

There’s just no way around this. There are no shortcuts or ways to cheat the Universe.

We expect our partners to give us something that we don’t give to ourselves.

In fact we typically want them to give us what we needed from our caretakers as we were growing up…

Here is how this works for many of the women that I work with:

If you have not matured your inner masculine to the extent that he is always there as the pillar of light, no matter what kind of chaos you are experiencing emotionally…. You won’t be able to trust the external masculine and you won’t even manifest a trustworthy external masculine.

Even if a strong powerful man appears in your life, you won’t recognize him because these qualities are unfamiliar to you.

How can you recognize something that you’ve never tasted?

When the inner masculine matures, you enter into a different resonance.

Whatever energy is present within you… you will always manifest that same energy externally.

Once you truly feel held by your own inner masculine… you will attract the external masculine who will hold you, and gracefully so. 🤗 ✨

Today on day 2 of S.x, Love, Power Masterclass we will dive deep into relationships! Particularly the type that take us to the next level of our evolution and the requirements of such a relationship…

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