June 14, 2022

Whenever someone tells me they cannot afford to work with me – I don’t try to check if that’s really true of if they have some limiting beliefs to overcome.

I don’t ever reach out to anyone in DMs to tell them about my event or “send a freebie to new followers”.

I don’t offer sales calls.

I don’t run adds.

I literally made it a point to not do anything in any part of my Life and business that doesn’t feel like a full body yes. 🤤

And… my business is blooming. May was over 280K in sales! 🌺✨

The types of things that I do:
I live a full and exciting Life.
I show up at my absolute best for every client call and every module of my Programs.
I have regular meetings with Sundari Team where we refine and anchor the vision of the Brand.
I speak with my mentors about my dreams.
I create content.

And the most important thing:
I do my inner work, every day, all day long! It doesn’t actually feel like work, but as an ongoing commitment to deepening of who I truly am.

This is what opens the floodgates.
This is what anchors me in the art of doing without doing…
This is what opens the portal for the right people to “miraculously” find me at the right time. It is what fills my life with synchronicities.

💫The best part:

It is possible for all of us!

What I found out is that we get do Life and business on our terms.
It gets to be fun.
It gets to be in integrity on all levels.

And you never ever have to go against yourself.

It’s common for people to approach me and say that they are mysteriously magnetised towards me. It happens both offline and online.

Even though this has been happening much of my life, lately it has been happening at hyper-speed! I am ready to break it down and offer a transmission about what it takes to become a magnet for soul-aligned clients and extraordinary wealth. The actual HOW!

💫So I created something exquisite.

My new Program: Prosperity Portal.

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