June 2, 2022

I find a lot of correlations between the energy of money and sɘxual energy.
Money – just like sɘx – magnifies the energy that is already here. The energy we hold when we invest money or make love, is always multiplied.

If you go into love making while holding onto unprocessed resentment and judgement, sɘx will feed those tendencies and make you even more imbalanced.

Just like money – when you spend it unconsciously it creates an imbalance in your life and this can affect you in deep ways.

If you strive to be the best possible version of yourself and hold Life as sacred, sex will amplify your experience of that.

Just like money.

If you use it from the right place, it will bring more good to your Life and the world.

Both sexuality and money are a creative resource.

What do we create with it… is entirely up to us!

If you want to establish a powerful relationship with money in your life… look no further then my upcoming program Embodied Wealth!

There you will transform every bit of lack and scarcity mentality.

You will rewire your nervous system and train yourself to be an energetic match for Wealth.

And…. we are not just going to talk.

We will be doing a lot of embodiment work, so your energy becomes magnetic to true Prosperity.

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