May 13, 2019

I was interviewed for a popular magazine recently and they asked me to name the two best positions for Tantric sex for heterosexual couples.

I offered three.

There are positions that allow very deep penetration. For example, when the woman places her legs on the shoulders of her partner.

In this position the cervix is being stimulated. Cervical stimulation can be intense, hence it is only a good idea to go there when the woman feels highly aroused and open. In this case her uterus rises and the cervix sits higher in the vagina and becomes softer and more open. Cervical stimulation may produce cervical orgasms and these orgasms produce profound states of consciousness; they can actually totally transform your life, because the power they awaken within you won’t let you hide from your true potential.

Another great position is something that’s commonly known as “doggy style”, it has a very primal feel to it and it is great for opening the root chakra (that’s the energy center that gives us a sense of belonging, security and stability in life). Most important is to arch the back in this position (for the woman) and focus the attention (both for the man and the woman) in the center of the chest. In this way the heart chakra is being activated.  Heart charka is the energy center in which we tap into Universal Love.

Beyond all that, the most important position for Tantric sex is the position of the mind. The mind should rest in the heart. Without that there is no Tantra.

It means that we should connect and make love in vulnerability, in openness, not focus on performance or any goal of sex, but stay in the present moment, letting all defences melt.

Art by Sami Jo Giesel

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