February 4, 2019

At first one has to go within and discover the inner world, that exists beyond the ever chaotic outer world.

But then there has to come a time when there is no longer duality of inner and outer worlds. There has to come a time when one recognises that there is no separation.

Then we start seeing that everything is God.

Some aspects of the outer world offer an instant access to that recognition.

For some it’s art, for others – dreams, studies, nature… It can be anything, really.

We must find that which inspires us most.
Because that’s what brings us to God.

Love does that for me.

That’s probably why I chose being a tantra teacher as my job.

Fascinated, intoxicated, raw and very tender, lost, destabilised, free of egoic identity, in tears, heart wide open, in awe, having forgotten everything and not able to care about anything,
but love.
Photo by Julia Caesar on Unsplash

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