January 16, 2021

It also happens that it’s the man in the couple who is less interested in sex than his beloved. If that’s you I know it may feel really challenging. Know that you are not alone in that and many men experience this from time to time – it is absolutely normal.⠀

If you are a very driven man you may hardly have any time to rest, take a breath and feel your body. You are in your head all day long, you have lost connection to your body. Your work is stressful. When you are finished you prefer to sit in front of TV or do other things to dissociate and become empty.⠀

You may not realise that what you need is to feel recharged and there is nothing better for it than a deep lovemaking session. In that you also become empty. But it is not a dissociated emptiness. It’s the emptiness that you actually are looking for. In this emptiness you give space to all her fullness. It is her fullness that will nurture you more than anything.⠀

Women: if this is your man – please don’t criticise him or try to explain to him why you want to make love. Instead – inspire him with your Feminine.

Another reason for lack of desire in men is that you may feel disempowered as a man. You may feel as if you are “not man enough”. You may have forgotten how to take charge, how to be confident and direct. You forgot that you have the power to penetrate Life and have your way with her. ⠀

You need to return to your masculine core. ⠀


By connecting with your Purpose in all areas of your life, resurrecting your Drive for life and committing to daily practices that anchor you in your manhood. Such as meditation and intense work outs, ice baths, cultivating brotherhood and spending time with men, cock yoga practices that I teach in Activated man online course. ⠀

You may have the desire, but not the erection.

Why is that?

  1. Porn addiction (because it desensitises you).
  2. Not fully embodying your Masculine gift.
  3. Lack of conscious connection to your penis.
  4. Lack of trust in the relationship, either because the depth of intimacy has not yet been established or due to unresolved issues (that I wrote about in my previous article).

During the training Sacred Man / Sacred Woman, the men will be focusing on exactly those kinds of practices that anchor them into their Masculine. The program is really epic! I wish every man could experience that.

Art by @overexposures

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