August 23, 2016

My life has been all about journeys into unknown new lands.

Traveling to different countries I start from a point in time in which I know myself, even if just for a second… yet each time I end somewhere completely new.

Each meeting becomes a journey. And it doesn’t matter if it’s a new person in my life or somebody I’ve known for years. Tuning in from spaciousness, I open up to the journey that our spirits came together for  and the miracle that’s before me to reveal her/himself.

Every time I make love it’s a journey. I start somewhere familiar but I have no idea where I will end, and who I will become as the journey unfolds…

Actually this is how I learnt that the capacity for pleasure that this body has is endless.

I may think that I am a sexually liberated woman, but actually each time I make love I drop in deeper into what is really possible.

And there is no end. I mean it: there is no end to where we can get through accessing our ecstasy.

The years as a gypsy-traveller taught me that in all my journeys I cannot be fixed on an outcome, even my intention is good for nothing but putting me in tension.

These years also taught me that the more I love the more I need to let go.  Moment by moment.

What a powerful feeling to deeply love and be ready to let somebody go.

I feel the sadness of my heart, and yet I am ready to let you go, if that’s what suits you most.

I love you. I long for you. I want you. And yet, there is nothing I demand from you. Your freedom is my love.

And if in that freedom the Universe brings us together time and time again…

I will celebrate, and bow at your feet in gratitude.

As a child I got love (seasoned by possessiveness. or was it possessiveness seasoned by love?) but I had no freedom. Every time I made my own choice I was yelled at or molested.

And in my adult life every time I have sensed that someone might want to marinate me into a specific state of being… I rebelled. And retreated into my shell.

The shell is a very familiar place where I have been hiding most of my life.

And as I show up there collecting my broken pieces together, I begin my howl again.

I am howling and my heart is crying rivers.

I have so much love to give.

Freedom is my healer.

To be truly loved in my freedom is something I have very little experience of. But it is actually happening.

Let’s be wild, together. Let’s be free, together.

It is in freedom that I can commit to love with all my heart.

Because the more I know freedom the more I know love.


Photo by Bibbie Friman

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