June 10, 2022

Celebrating… A decade of Leadership!!✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨

This means:

10 years of saying Yes to the Path of self actualisation.

10 years of discovery of that which is underneath… and underneath… and underneath…

10 years, and each year deepening into ever more radical self responsibility!

10 years of surrendering to something greater than my personal likes and dislikes…

10 years of finding… ever more clarity, ever more alignment, ever more freedom – within.

10 years of guiding others and feeling the grace and responsibility that comes with being trusted.🤍🥺

10 years of nowhere to hide! And a daily choice to grow in po

10 years of commitment to walk my talk. ⚡️

10 years of being a bridge for so many… 🙏

10 years of being more visible than certain parts of me are comfortable with 🤯

10 years of dedicating myself to being the conduit of Love and praying that everything I touch returns back to its origin – to Love.

10 years of surrendering my whole life in service to Love.

There were times when I were 150% certain in my Path and in what I was here to do. It gave me Life! My Dharma saved me so many times. 🤍

There were very dark times (especially around 2018 / 2019) when I lost my way and questioned everything. I almost quit. Then I took semi-sabbatical in 2020 and found a whole new depth of alignment within.

Even though I’ve changed so much since I was a little yogi in 2012, something deep within has not and will never change.

And that is my ESSENCE.✨

✧ I am deeply grateful for the incredible relationships that have been created along the way and for along you who have opened your hearts to me. ♥️

✧ I am grateful for my Spirit that kept finding the way to rise each time I have stumbled and lost my way.

✧ I am grateful for this privileged Path, that keeps revealing it’s true nature to me, with more magic that I ever thought was possible!

✧ I am grateful for masters, teachers, priests and priestesses of past, present and future who illuminate the way for all.

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