March 31, 2021

As much as I am thriving in my Feminine and receptivity is natural for me, receiving love and appreciation has not always been easy.

When people have directed an incredible amount of praise at me and said things like: “you saved my life”, “you gave me freedom”, “I am reborn because of your work” when people bowed before me…

I couldn’t receive that. I was scared to be put up on a pedestal.

I tell my Leaders: “receive the praise but visualize it being converted into light that gets offered at the feet of the Goddess. Don’t take it personally. That’s how you will be able to not be so affected by criticism either.”

While I still think so, I realised there is a hidden danger here. The danger is to block the receiving sequence.

💚Because when we receive we have more to give.

⚜️In fact, receiving gratitude and love is far more difficult than receiving criticism.

To truly receive I have to expand my capacity.
I have to soften more… Stay with what is given to me, breath with it. Let my heart be touched by it.
Not let my mind rush to the next thing or discard what I accomplished because I should have accomplished it years ago (hello, inner critic)…

>>> I now choose to allow myself to receive and I allow myself to be grateful for every tiny thing that matters to me.

Celebrating success is vital!

Not only because we inhale the beauty of what we created and give space to gratitude.

But because in celebrating we are focussing on what is right and hence we are attracting MORE of that.

More of what is right.

More of that which truly resonates with the beauty of our Souls.

In celebrating out loud we also let the world know what is possible for EACH of us!

Today I am celebrating my beautiful life!
I am celebrating my incredible relationship with Oliver 🥰
The freedom I’ve created for myself that enables me to live in this stunning environment.
I am celebrating how willingly Life responds to my pleasure and provides me with ever more abundance, beauty and joy.


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