December 28, 2018

Challenges have a purpose that is bigger than finding a way to resolve these challenges.

At times we indulge in the pain and simply sink, lower and lower…

But sooner or later there has to come a point when you realise that you are so damn challenged – there’s no way out. That’s when people start to pray. And this is beautiful. They turn to God, finally.

Where in fact we should always be turned towards God.

On the other hand, happiness tends to be more blinding. It’s easy to get lost in the happy land trying to make sure it lasts forever. At times imagining that you are still in that place even when everything is crumbling like bread in your hands.

In the phenomenal world change is inevitable.

Pain and happiness can both be intense. And with intensity we either let things escalate and flee somewhere or we burst open and recognise that everything emerges from and returns to the one Source.

Therefore, everything is Source.

The Source, like the bottom of the ocean is unaffected by the waves lapping on the surface.

The deeper you dive the less you are affected.

Or you become the bottom of the ocean, and there is no one left who can be affected.

I believe that human destiny inevitably leads to becoming the bottom of the ocean. It’s highly unlikely that it will happen to the majority of people in this lifetime. But sooner or later, it must.

We will be given challenges until we manage to stay awake in the midst of happiness.

And that is a big job, my friend.

Photo by Mikita Karasiou on Unsplash

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