October 9, 2015

Completely naked.

I am touched by this humanness.

Touched by the way nature has created us.

Touched by this rawness.

The power in open authentic simple being.

Exquisite vulnerability.

This nudity is bringing up a lot for me.

It’s bringing up the best in me.

It unveils my senses.

It unveils me.

I have nowhere to hide.


I am both unsettled and vibrantly alive.


So grateful to be human.

To be completely naked.



All the way into the real meaning of being human.

In this form and shape.





* Not so long ago I spent two weeks pretty much naked the entire time. Amongst a bunch of other completely naked people. Like, without clothes. Amazing. Ever since I’ve been taking every opportunity to undress myself. Sometimes at completely inappropriate times too… 🙂

So liberating. So healing at the level of any body image issues.

You should try.


Once upon a time we wore hardly any clothes. We only put them on when we began to feel ashamed of our erotic nature. Suddenly our breasts, our genitals became sinful.

There are so many preconceived ideas, so much judgement and comparison around our bodies.


And yet the body is nothing but a human form.

A precious vessel that carries our Soul through this life.

A temple in which incredible states can be experienced.


People are the most beautiful without clothes.


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