January 13, 2021

Most conflict happens because we are not willing to accept the perspective of another person. We grow up believing that there is ONLY ONE right way to think about something. Most people cannot accept that in every given situation there is a complexity. Within this complexity EVERYTHING has place. Things in most cases are not right or wrong. Everything is right. Even if these things are entirely opposite. This is correct. And this is correct. And this is correct, as well!⠀

Try to apply this wisdom to a challenging situation in your life. See how this feels… It may be very uncomfortable at first. You may hear yourself thinking “No it, cannot be! I know what is right! He/she is wrong!”⠀

But just as an experiment, see if you can accept that reality is more complex than it seems. See if you can accept that other people have a full right to have an opinion that is different to yours. And even you yourself can have several opinions about one thing, and… they all are correct!⠀

As we grow in consciousness, we also occupy more of the capacity of our brain. ⠀
Inability to accept multiple of perspectives means that we are only using our primal brain – the limbic brain. But as we mature we start to grow the grey matter more and more in our superior brain – the neo cortex. ⠀

As we evolve as humankind we have to challenge the status quo, first and foremost – within ourselves. The problem we are facing collectively is inability to see bigger, being trapped in limiting beliefs and unconscious silent support of the outlived unhealthy paradigms.

So here comes our call: will we be a part of the problem, or a part of the solution?⠀

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