January 12, 2021

The key to the Feminine Mystery is connection.⁣

How to create connection is something that people like you and I, born lovers, are destined to explore as long as we are alive. When we are deeply connected we just know. We know how to love. We know how to relate. We know how to meet each other.⁣

They say: “first learn to love yourself, then you will be able to love another”. It is not necessarily always true. Our true nature is love, love should be effortless for us. The fact that it is not is only a product of our wounds. Most wounds that form who we are as people are created through our relationship with our parents. Now, you may think: “My parents are amazing, my childhood was great”. But this is your adult mind talking. The experience of a child is entirely non-rational. Even seemingly small insignificant events impact a child. To learn about this more in-depth check out Adult Attachment Theory.⁣

Therefore in order to return to our natural capacity to love and to connect we need to de- charge those relational wounds. They can only be de-charged in a relationship with another person.⁣

Love relationships tend to bring up a lot for all of us, and this is no mistake – they offer a possibility to heal those wounds.⁣

So let me repeat this: When we are connected (to ourselves and to the other) connection becomes effortless. But on our way to this total connectedness, there are some maps and keys we can use. I am delighted to present some of these to you in my book The Key to Feminine Mystery.

Photo by @nickpatton.photos

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