March 20, 2015

If you live in the Northern Hemisphere, you know it already. Spring is coming!
For the last few months you’ve probably been snuggled up in your bed all day long (or at least that’s what you’ve been craving). You felt as lazy as a sloth, unsocial and even unmotivated. It’s as if you were held in a sort of winter spell of sleep, just the same as Nature.
But hey, wake up! Spring is coming! It’s time to stretch!
If we don’t make a conscious effort to get out of the old cycle now, we may experience chronic fatigue and low energy dragging on right through the whole year. So it’s important to make sure you emerge from your winter dullness.

Spring is coming (officially)

On the 20th of March it’s the Spring Equinox. A great moment to shake your feathers and unfold like a crocus.
It marks the coming of Spring and the fertility of the land. Nature is changing, the ground becoming warmer and the first plants emerging. It’s also about your inner fertility, the foundation inside of you that is starting to become vital. Vital for all the beautiful blossoms and bountiful harvests in your life.
Spring is the perfect time to connect to your inner vital Goddess. The awesome, sacred energy source inside of you.

What does Conscious Grounding mean?

Bringing awareness into your body. Acknowledging your energy levels, also known as your libido. Have a look at its status quo, dust off any stagnant energies and do whatever is necessary to kick start your being.
But how to nourish my vital Goddess, you might ask?

Root your body, mind and soul.

Stand on the ground, ideally barefoot. Focus your mind on the sensation of the ground. Feel the ground. Focus on the Earth energy coming up through your feet, flowing up your body.
Focus your mind on your pelvic floor. This is where your Root Chakra sits (Root Chakra: Energy Wheel associated with the element earth, groundedness and vitality). It’s the best way to ground your mind by simply focusing on the very spot where all your vital energy sits.
Root your soul in your daily actions. Ask yourself: What is it that my soul truly desires? And how can I fulfill this desire with my actions? Spring is the perfect time to start your new soulful business, or to visit a good friend you haven’t seen in a long time. To connect with other human beings and open up your heart for new love.
Spring cleaning. Now is the time. Clean your house and clean you soul. It’s time to clean your windows to let light come through. Embrace the warm spring sun and let your inner temple sparkle.
Create space for ‘me time’. Enjoy yourself. Have more bubble baths. Go out in nature. Walk barefoot on the ground, in the grass. Feel the earth. Yes, even smell it. Hug a tree. Connect consciously with the awakening of Mother Nature.
Kick start your balcony garden project. Planting seeds is symbolically deeply rooted in the Pagan Ostara festival, where the fertility of the land is celebrated. So dig out your garden equipment and get started.
Spring is the time to connect. To yourself and to others. It’s about making conscious ground for letting little seeds grow into beautiful, strong and fruitful plants. Whether it’s in your garden or in your love life.

Image by: markus spiske, Flickr.

Mariah is blogger and sex coach at Orgasmic Discourses.

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