June 17, 2021

Dark Masculine Power is ultimately sexy… as long as it is anchored in the Heart.

Dark masculine is the energy that knows how to be in charge, how to penetrate the space with presence and be assertive and dominant.

There is a big shadow side to this energy and most people associate dominance with that. However it is only when the masculine is not connected to the heart that dominance becomes invasive, pushy and controlling.

▵ Dominance that is rooted in the heart becomes a gift and a way to penetrate with love.

▵ Dark masculine is the one who has the balls to protect and create safety.

▵ Dark masculine won’t hesitate to confront anyone or anything that is threatening vulnerability.

▵ Dark masculine penetrates through bullshit and calls out lack of integrity.

▵ Dark masculine is connected to and at ease with his inner animal.

▵ Dark masculine knows how to ravish his partner in bed and hold space for nothing but total surrender.

▵ Dark masculine is assertive, sharp and clear.

He is not revengeful. He is not acting from hurt or fear. He owns his balls and he holds himself up to a High Standard.

If you are not familiar with your own dark masculine it may be that it is hiding behind the nice guy (or girl because women can also have a powerful dark masculine).

Being a nice guy is a product of being told that your power is not welcome because it is dangerous… So you spend much of your life trying to get approval of your parents, represented by people around you.

Power indeed can be dangerous, if we don’t have the heart and the consciousness to use it in a truthful way.

Yet, until we awaken to our Power we are destined to live in chains of conditioning.

When the Dark masculine is integrated in his full power… he cannot help but seed the world with Love. 🖤

>> In the upcoming Sacred Man/Sacred Woman training men will be invited to claim this Power within them, as well as the Power of the light Masculine. Men, you can still join in.

So looking forward to seeing what a powerful ripple this Training will create. We are ready for this!
Oh so ready!

For more info visit here.

art by @libkos


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