August 30, 2019

Ever wondered how to deal with fear?

The first thing is to actually acknowledge the fear. Many people try to just avoid it, but it’s not the way. We need to find the warrior inside. The one who feels the fear and does what has to be done anyway.

I love to jump from cliffs into water. I could run and jump without thinking about it. But instead I spend time at the edge. And let my fear build. The longer I wait the greater is my fear. I feel the fear. I breath through it. And then… I jump.

Each time you jump, you are teaching yourself that you can. That you are held in the embrace of the Universe, even in your fear. You are teaching yourself that it is ok to be human, and feeling fear is a part of being human.
And then, you are teaching yourself that as much as you are human, you are also… superhuman.

You can jump, no matter what.

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