September 17, 2020

Dear Man,⁣

I know, you may carry a lot of pain resulting from your previous interactions with women. Those may have installed a lot of mistrust in the Feminine in you. But you need to know that there are different types of women. There are women and then, there are… Women.⁣

The major difference between the two is that some have done enough healing work on themselves and transcended generations of feminine rage towards the masculine. All women have this rage within them. It is ancient. Just like all men have mistrust in the Feminine. These are the core reasons for the wars between genders that result in nothing less than wars in the world. We have to address and heal that. As long as these wounds are unhealed within us we keep passing them on, generation after generation. ⁣

What is “enough” healing cannot be determined by the number of hours or years of work. It is strictly individual. Some people say they’ve been “on the path” for 20 years, but their level of maturity can be still very low. Other people are very young, but their souls carry a frequency that allows the healing to happen very rapidly. It is mysterious how this works and does not really matter. What matters is when you meet a person who’s done their holy work, you know. When you meet a Woman, you know. But you need to be ready to recognise Her, and this may take many meetings with women. Because these women come to you because something in you wants that, and they also have a medicine for you. Even if it’s hard to recognise it, such is the nature of the medicine of the shadowy dark feminine. ⁣

When you meet Her, sometimes you will also meet the hurt that was already there.⁣

You have to let go of all your prior experience to experience the profound magic of the Sacred Union with a Woman. In fact, you will realize that it hurts to be separated from Her Love. You must lose yourself as you knew yourself to enter Her, you have to give up the games, you have to give up bypassing and you have to open your heart, and let Her in.⁣

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Art by @tinamariaelena

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