June 22, 2021

The way that you make love to your work, live in your purpose, and show up for your friends and family is something that women notice…

She will notice the way that you treat the waiter, the way you speak to yourself, the way you remember sweet little details of what she likes so that you can surprise her later.

A woman in her feminine power will see you and want to see you own your power…

Beloved man, the way that you show up for yourself — and the way that you live your life — will be a sign to her of how present, conscious, and loving you will be towards HER.

She wants to feel your heart, in alignment with your word.

She wants to feel your power flowing through your body with an open heart.

If you live deeply aligned with your values and stay firm in your commitment to your soul — she will not only notice, but she will also know she is safe with you.

For example, even if you don’t love your relationship with your job, if you speak about the changes you want to make and then take ACTION to make them…

This shows her that you are fiercely committed to alignment, that you are focused on your purpose, that she can trust your word, and that you will always be a safe place for her. ♛

It shows her that you will prioritise yourself and your relationship with the Divine, and that your relationship with her is an extension of this deep inner commitment and clarity you have with yourself.

There is nothing more sexy, more safe, and more desirable than a man who is aligned with his purpose and knows who he is on a soul level. YES – even in your mess. ☤

In fact, what you may be afraid to tell her — your emotions, your fears, what you deeply desire from life — may be exactly the thing that turns her on and makes her lean into you with complete surrender and trust.

So Men… this is an invitation to trust yourself and the pillar of your masculinity even more than ever before…

From this place, you will witness the feminine around you blossom open in her turn-on. ♡ ♛

If you want to delve deeper into this, my upcoming live training Sacred Man | Sacred Woman is happening very soon.

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