September 17, 2020

Dharmic Union is a catalyst for freedom.⠀

Not because it is provocative and shit-stirring, but because it is safe.⠀

Dharmic Union is the safe sanctuary for the soul. ⠀

In the safety of this container, through holding, through nourishment, through care… parts of us that have felt unseen and unlovable, finally can soften up.⠀

At times the Union itself might highlight our greatest wounds, and sometimes it will feel like walking on hot coils… ⠀

But we are holding each other’s hand, and that’s what makes it bearable.⠀

Falling is not so scary anymore, because you have each other’s backs.⠀

Dharmic Union is not a fairytale or a Hollywood movie, it is not a dreamy dissociation from reality, in attempt to have someone fill in holes in your heart and make you happy and complete.⠀

It is a courageous choice of a Heart that knows that it incarnated on this human plane to be mouldered by the human love. ⠀

It is a courageous yet very simple choice of a mature Soul, that knows that the best thing it can ever do is surrender to love. ⠀

Before you go, here’s the secret not many will tell you:⠀

If you really want a Dharmic Union, you need to know that some parts of us will have to die.⠀

Because as much as love is kind, it is also ruthless… to the parts of us that are asleep.⠀

It is through love we transform into what we have never dreamt to become.

Photo by @martine.emdur

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