April 23, 2020

Many women behave predominantly from the masculine energy. They are so used to it so they bring this attitude to their intimate relationships too.

They are used to initiating contact, providing direction, offering solutions to problems, controlling emotions, basically rowing the boat.

Who do they attract from this space?

Men who behave predominantly from their feminine energy.

They are very sensitive, they change their minds frequently, they are likely incapable of commitment, generally confused, not firmly established in themselves.

Then these women complain that there are no real men around.

I keep repeating this: real men are all around!

The question is: do we allow men to be what they are best at: being men?

Now, there is nothing wrong for women to be in their masculine and for men to be in their feminine. In fact, it is absolutely crucial to develop both polarities within so that you can be a more complete human being + understand the other gender.

But when it comes to relationships, we need to choose which polarity we want to embody. Where we are happiest when it comes to intimacy.

For most women I know it is their feminine.

They want to be held, they want to be receptive, they want to be ravished, they want to shine and share the medicine of their radiance, they want to open.

So why do so many women not behave from their feminine? Why do so many end up rowing the boat? When what they really want is to relax and enjoy the ride?

I think it boils down to the fear of feeling all the pain in their hearts.

Because to be in your feminine energy you cannot avoid your heart.
You have to feel and listen to your heart all-the-time.
And when you start really feeling your heart… it’s not all fairies and unicorns. You will get to feel a lot of pain too.

The same mechanism that protects us from experiencing pain is protecting us from experiencing great love and great joy.

So how to return to the feminine?

I say you have to start from the most feminine part of your body.

From your Yoni.

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Photo by Rana

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