August 1, 2021

Making someone wrong to prove that you are right… is this really the way forward for us?

This is a tactic so many people use it became normal.

✧ But I want to invite you to question: why?

✧ Why do you need to call your ex a lousy motherf*cker to prove that you are “more evolved” and are worthy of all the love you desire?

✧ Why do you need to say that “unlike other facilitators who do this and that, I am offering the real deal”?

✧ Why do you need to shame people for their choices, be it speaking their mind on the Internet, undergoing plastic surgery, drinking alcohol, using filters on social media, eating meat or anything else which exposes a different choice than yours?

✧ Why do you need to “call out” people?

We are still dominated by post-patriarchal culture that taught us that only one person can be right, only one point of view is right, that there is room for only one person at the top.

This activates the need to compare and compete. In the end, one person loses and the other – wins and progresses to “the top”.

Only for a brief moment though. Because power that is based on being “better than” is anything but true power.

And then we also heard things like “it is lonely at the top”.

It’s only lonely if you believe that you can only be powerful as long as you are better than someone.

Most, if not all of us have been bullied, shamed and criticised when we were growing up. We all know how miserable that made us feel.

But we are adults now, we can stop reinforcing patterns that do not serve Love. ♡

Each of us is free to do and say whatever we want, each of us is worthy, each of us is capable of an extraordinary destiny, extraordinary love and wealth beyond the roof. Not because we are better than someone else.

♡ But because human nature itself is brilliant.

The question is:

Do we dare to live our brilliance?

And… can we grow up enough to accept the complexity of Life and allow a number of opinions co-exist?

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