November 1, 2021

The Erotic Heart ritual is open for all: singles and couples!

It is a one-off guided journey for expansion into the depth of your devotion to Love.

Do you know this longing of your heart that just can’t.get.satisfied by anything?..

A profound loving relationship may do it… but there is always another layer.
And again, you find yourself yearning for… more.

Some try to disconnect from this longing and get satisfied with “just enough”… and settle for what is… isn’t it part of being an adult after all?..

But time and time again, through an internal stirring, or seeing someone who seems to have it all, or through triggers that hit exactly against places where you have settled… for any less than what your soul is made for…

Truth is: once you taste the insatiable thirst of devotion of your Soul…you cannot un-taste it. You cannot get satisfied by the ordinary. By the “normal”.

Let’s pause, right here.
Let’s listen.

Do you know you didn’t come here for “just enough”?..

Do you know you were made for an extraordinary life?

Do you know that “more than enough” and abundance beyond measure is where you actually belong?

Then I invite you to a party!

☤ The Erotic Heart ☤

This guided ritual offers a container where you will experience the natural opening of your Erotic Heart through a melting into an exquisite intimate meeting with Life and your partner (current or future).

It is also a pre-work for people joining my upcoming in-person Training: Fire of Love. ♥️

Plug into this field and watch your Life expand beyond your wildest dreams. This is about to be your new normal!🔥🔥

I’m so excited for what we are about to tap into together! The momentum I am riding in my own Life now… is something else. A really special time to be in my space! 🤍

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