April 19, 2020

If you don’t, it means you don’t fully love either your partner OR yourself.

Our genitals are where our body begins. Our genitals are what determines our sexual essence. Our human essence.

Our genitals need to be loved and acknowledged for what they are.

To me cock is beautiful not only because I love how it looks, the sensation it gives me when I touch it or when it’s inside of me, but also because to me the cock is the direct link to consciousness, the essence of the Masculine.

Yoni is beautiful because when I look at her, I see only beauty, I see the gates of heaven, I am mesmerised by the portal between realities that she is.

Most people don’t have this realisation about their own genitals, hence they can’t see it in their partner.

Yet, until we learn to recognise the Divine within our most human parts, we will never understand love.

In fact, love for Lingam and Yoni goes beyond the personality of this person or that. In this love we accept and love the Masculine and Feminine essence of all.

It is the love for the mesmerising and awe-inspiring Light of Consciousness that holds space for all manifestation that is at the essence of the Masculine.

It is the love for the Manifest Reality, Divine in Form, fullness of Life, the supreme Goddess, that is at the essence of the Feminine.

This is not about imagining, but rather keeping your eyes peeled, removing all that is limiting you from seeing WHAT IS.

If we love a man or a woman, but don’t really love his Lingam, or her Yoni, this love will never feel deep enough.

It is incredibly empowering to be loved completely.

Only when we have dealt with our own shame can we empower others. Often, we end up unconsciously shaming others because of our own shame. We have centuries of sexual shame behind us, and therefore we tend to disconnect from the very centre of our power – our sexuality.

Do whatever you can to work out your sexual shame, I cannot say enough about how incredibly limiting this feeling is.

I’ve seen thousands of people, who after addressing their sexual shame, feel as if they can breathe for the first time in their lives. As if they can see for the first time in their lives.

Your life will change forever if you get to see the true essence of things.

Because in Truth, all is Divine.

This recognition makes you big. This is when you become capable of really loving.

When your love is really that deep, you start emanating this love.

In your presence others feel accepted. They feel seen. They feel honoured.

And they want to be right next to you, as much as possible.

In my online course Limitless Love, I am sharing a potent Tantric practice of Yoni and Lingam worship. Some students have reported that they have experienced a state of total Union through this practice. Give it a go – get this online course.


Art by @nymphainna_

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