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5 week program that will help you become a match for your next level Wealth

  • It is for you if you want a Life of prosperity.
  • It is for you if you want to feel loved and supported by money.
  • It is for you if you want to stop asking your bank account for permission to follow the desires of your heart.
  • It is for you if  you want to have power over money.


Here is what you need to know:


  • This program consists of 5 modules.
  • Besides the regular calls there will be 2 additional calls for hot seat Embodied Wealth mentoring. ✨
  • In between the calls you will have potent homework.
  • You will have access to all material for 5 months.
Online Training

Money is a neutral resource, it is neither good nor bad. It acts as an amplifier of whatever meaning we attach to it.

Money by itself is not powerful. Having a lot of money doesn’t make anyone powerful. But we can make it powerful if we use it as an amplifier of goodness in us and on the planet.

In this program I will be teaching you everything I learnt about money while building my 7 figure brand.

You will tap into the energetics of receiving, holding and powerfully distributing money.

You are the one who decides how wealthy you are.

This program will help you become a match for your next level Wealth, regardless of where you are at right now.

See you on the inside!

"Money by itself is not powerful. But we can make it powerful if we use it as an amplifier of goodness in us and on the planet."

Your Facilitator

I am an entrepreneur and a transformational leader with a focus on spirituality, leadership and embodied intimacy. My mission is to support bright humans on their path of inner growth and surrendered leadership, so that they can shine in full service to Love.

Since 2012 I’ve held over 100 transformational events worldwide, written a bestselling book and created a dozen of online courses all on the subject of empowered living, leadership and embodiment. I am the founder of Sundari Mystery Immersions, the host of Boundless Love podcast and CEO of my 7 figure brand.

My network consists of over 150,000 bright individuals. Thousands of people from over 80 countries have been a part of my programs. They claim that my work has transformed their lives and supported them in returning to their innate beauty, power and love.

Born in Russia, I now live in Portugal.

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About Sofia and Her Work


I felt so much alignment

I want to express my deep gratitude. I’m feeling so much Love for allowing myself to receive the energy of Grace that you share so abundantly. It’s what attracted me to your course and to your essence: This quality of Grace. The entire course was so beautiful and I felt so much alignment, as my peers. Deep gratitude and I vow to this beautiful service that you provide to the world. Thank you so much.

Roman, Austria

I lost my connection to the spirit and god, early in my childhood. When I got in the school system and unlearned being myself. Trough my open emotional center I felt the emotions of all others and I did everything to make them feel good. Since that time I never felt like belonging anywhere in my life. During the "In Service to Love" training with you, I felt belonging somewhere for first time in my grown up life. I'm not able to find words for what happened after this training, my whole development and transformation process accelerated to light speed. It's really magical and every being from this community with whom I got in touch feels like soul family. That's what I feel and I didn't expect that when I decided to do the biggest investment in myself (back then). Move on Sofia, don't stop. You are a big healer for our world and every being in your aura is blessed. So much love and gratitude.

Amber, United States

This course truly was a game-changer

I love Sofia's live transmissions. I have connected in so many ways with the content she shares, the way she shares it, and the timing of her sharings. Many times she will say something almost word-for-word that I have just come to understand in my life. I have truly never resonated with another teacher in the way I have with Sofia. This course truly was a game-changer, and I'm still absorbing the richness of it all. Thank you so much for once again leading from your heart and blessing my life tremendously!

Laura, Spain

It has been like a school of life

I’m so thankful for everything, Sofia, this month has been like a school of life. You are teaching us to remember how to live life and for me this has been so, so powerful. I’m so excited about coming to your training in a month!

Serena, Italy

I feel all of the pieces are falling in their place

I am reconsidering the leader I want to be. I am grateful to myself for all the efforts I have made so far, but I realize I have too often listened to other people's models of leadership. I see they are now too far from the person I am growing and who I want to be. With In service to Love, I feel all of the pieces are falling in their place, supporting me to become a better version of myself. I feel I am not alone, not crazy, not weird... and this is great :)

Amber, United States

This course has provided me with exactly what I was looking for

I have had so many revelations and insights since we have started. In every single class, practice or homework, I have received a valuable takeaway. I truly have a sense of this course unraveling for me with just what I need to hear at just the right time. I have learned that the clarity of vision on how we can act in service to love, and the opportunities to do so, unfold for us. This course has provided me with exactly what I was looking for: clarity of vision, an understanding of what blocks I have to attain my goals, practices and tools to move through those blocks, and a space of community to work through my vulnerabilities and opening to connect with others. 

Henar, Ireland

I feel less alone, divinely held, and hopeful about the future

This transition hasn't been easy and I'm grateful to receive Sofia's guidance and this community support. I feel less alone, divinely held, and hopeful about the future. It has been really beneficial for me to spend time with the unknown. It made me realize that my faith can transform uncertainty, pain, contraction into confidence, pleasure, expansion. My dharma does not relate to what I think is my level of worth, it is not even about my talents, it is about how God channels through me to be an instrument of his love in this life!

Sophie, Belgium

It was just the perfect piece of the puzzle

This course was the perfect match: the way you structured it and the way you used the language, it was just the perfect piece of the puzzle matching my process and my mind where I am right now. It’s almost as if I’m talking to myself somehow. I am really grateful to the Universe for having brought me to you and to God for having put you on my path, Thank you Sofia!

Malin, Germany

This course really helped me to go deeper

​​I'm really grateful. This course really helped me to go deeper, understand more about myself, and about how I can crash some walls that stop me from going. I felt the call so much and I know why. It’s always like this when the universe guides you. Thank you for this beautiful work, it’s so important that we create a space for people and give inspirations to wake people up and show them a possibility to come back to their power. It really gives me the reminder for my call to do something here that is really important and so worthy.

Anne-Marie, France

A huge step towards integrating all the different aspects of my world

I am slowly starting to realize that this course will be a huge step towards consolidating & integrating all the different aspects of my world that have been living parallel lives. My emotion history, my art, money, job, spirituality, my passion, my intellect, my sexuality, my body/movement, and pedagogy interest - so often I've had this feedback (even well meant!) by society/ culture/ family/ friends that those things are contradictory, that it's funny for that to co-exist in one person, and I have to make up my mind regards who I am. I realize now I have been taking this feedback in more than I thought, splitting myself somehow, in living several parallel lives, in fear to claim it all - my own unique world, my community, the song of my soul - as Sofia said in the call - creating my own world, with my own values, standards and magic, rather than trying to fit any pre-established boxes.

Price & Payment

Embodied Wealth
  • 5 modules
  • Potent homework that will help break outlived patterns and wire you to vibrate on frequency of Embodied Wealth
  • 5 months access to all material
  • 2 additional calls for hot seat Embodied Wealth mentoring ✨
Payment plan
3 x $488
Cancellation policy

There will be no refunds offered and no cancellation of this program. For details please read our Cancellation Policy.

Course closes on August 18th 2022, regardless of the day of purchase.
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