October 12, 2015

Many women feel very feminine, they look and feel very feminine, they know it, they sense it. And at the same time some are not deeply rooted in the feminine, not empowered, not owning the depth of the Feminine.
I like to call it the Princess stage.
The Princess is pretty and very sweet, she is feminine, and she likes to play fragile.
In fact she may even truly believe that this mask is all she is.
She may be not aware of that, but she is manipulative. She uses her “weakness” to get things from others.
There is a sense of entitlement about her.
That is in fact a form of neediness. In her neediness there is grasping. She is demanding. She demands attention.
But in fact beyond all that there is a great fear of being alone…
She is very sad inside. She doesn’t know what she truly wants. She doesn’t know who she truly is.
She is naive enough to think that she is not loved, that she needs something from the outside to make her happy and fulfilled…
The Princess is an aspect of ourselves that needs to be recognised and loved. But if we choose to move into an empowered state, we need to recognise the Priestess within, we need to give her space.
And who is the Priestess?
She is the one who is wide awake. The one who doesn’t demand anything. Who doesn’t feel entitled to deserve anything. The one who doesn’t need to think she has the right. The one who doesn’t need to demand. Doesn’t need to prove. She is the one who is complete. The one who can have all emotions, but she owns them, they don’t rule her life. The one who truly loves. Who doesn’t get entangled yet loves madly. The one who comes from an open and big space…
The Priestess is truly big.
She is truly empowered.
If the Princess is concerned about her looks and she needs to be seen, she needs to feel pretty, the Priestess knows that her body is a temple.
The neediness of the Princess is very loud. And she may really dislike it in herself and in others. When we reach the Priestess stage, we make peace with our needs, and we stop judging them. But we don’t stop there, we source this neediness deeper. What do I really want? What do I really need? And we find our longing. Priestess is the one who deeply owns her longing. She feels her heart and her womb aching with soul longing.
The Priestess walks the path of the mystic, the path of longing for the divine. And she knows that all desires she may experience are but a reflection of this deeper longing…
Priestess is a state in which Truth and Beauty can shine forth. A state in which we know that we are enough, that we are worthy of everything in this Universe… A state in which we give up neediness, guilt, shame, projections, the unconscious habit to emasculate men and other things of the collective that keep us so small…
The Priestess is mature enough to know that she cannot do great things from her personality. She knows that her greatness is in being able to step out of Her own way. In other words – she is an empty channel and she allows the divine shine through her. She lives in communion with the Source.
Many of us have boundary issues, in the sense that people tend to approach us when it’s not appropriate or prematurely. Many of us end up blaming men for their rudeness in this case.
But in fact at the core of the problem is the fact that if someone invades our energy field in a non-appropriate way or at a non-appropriate time, it means we are not holding our energetic boundaries. And it’s not something that we can “do”. These boundaries are rather a natural result of a deep self knowledge that the Priestess possesses. She knows that her nature is divine, that she can be worshipped, and that only those that are willing to be on their knees in full reverence and worship of her true nature can be around her.
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Photo by Jingna Zhang

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