May 9, 2018

What makes me uncomfortable is to be around people who are uncomfortable with Life.

What frustrates me more that anything is how people repress Life.

How people feel ill at ease with emotions.

How people feel ill at ease with sexuality.

As soon as someone experiences emotions, generally it is considered to be a problem that needs to be fixed.

As soon as someone is seen in their sexual freedom, generally people get judgemental/intimidated.

I have lost count of the times I was told that I was being too emotional or too expressive.

In the past, as a child or teenager these comments would make me pull back and withdraw.

Now when I get this sort of comment I take it as a sign that this person is not at ease with Life.

As long as we are not indulging in our emotions and projecting them onto others in the form of lashing out, blaming or making people responsible for how we feel, emotions are beautiful.

The expression of what we feel is a means to connection.

Same goes for sexuality. Healthy sexuality is sexuality that is owned. Owned sexuality means that we are seeing it as our own energy, our precious resource that liberates our power and pleasure, and not something that is only for others to enjoy. A person who is resting in their healthy sexuality becomes a gift to this world as their radiance illuminates any space where they show up.

Both our emotions and our sexuality in their essence are nothing but the purest, rawest expressions of Life.

Emotions are not there to be fixed or changed.
You can be with all your emotions, feel them…
express them as they come,
and let them go as they go.

Sexual energy is not there to be offered to someone or used for seduction. You can learn to own it, move it and harness it for your own expansion, your own empowerment, deep radical ALIVENESS and, ultimately, freedom.

It is pretty simple.

If we are not used to moving our emotions and sexual energy we will have an accumulated energetic/emotional baggage.

And trust me you don’t need that baggage!

We need to educate ourselves and therefore society that Life is not a threat.

Society needs to remember the purity of simply feeling.

People may say that it is not spiritual to have emotions or even to speak about sex.

But in fact, what is not spiritual is to bypass any parts of us, and to pretend they are not there.

There is nothing spiritual in denying our humanness.

We must remember the sacredness of this humanness.

We must wake up to recognising the divinity right here, right in what is.

There is nowhere to go.

You have arrived.

So let’s open our eyes wide and breathe in the endless beauty of this very instant.

Of this very Life.

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