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Ask Sofia, vol. 1


Welcome to Episode 4!

Welcome to Ask Sofia section of the Boundless Love Podcast.

Every month I will be responding to your questions and offering you a next-level perspective on love, relationships and sex. To submit a question please email us: info@sofiasundari.com

In this round I talk about honesty and intimacy, going past the effort in sacred sexuality, feeling whole again, moving past toxic relationships, truly loving yourself and more.

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In this episode I cover:

  • Ask Sofia series (00:28)
  • Question from Fani Greece: Can we have a new dynamic in our relationship? (1:00)
  • Question from Anders: How can we use openness and honesty to create intimacy and closeness? (6:27)
  • Question from Manan from Toulouse, France: I am encountering people projecting their unresolved stuff (9:08)
  • Question from C.: How do you love in a romantic relationship when you don’t feel whole? (16:00)
  • “Radical Forgiveness” by Colin Tipping (20:11)
  • Question from Amelia: What can be done to move past a toxic relationship? (25:25)
  • Question from Kasa: How to reactivate yoni if it is closed? She will not receive the yoni egg (33:30)
  • Activated Woman (34:48)
  • Question from Mariel: Is daily practice necessary for doing the job? What do you recommend to women to connect to their sexual energy? (39:00)
  • Sacred Man / Sacred Woman Training (39:40)
  • Question from Vesal: How to love ourselves more? (41:33)
  • A practice of self-love (42:19)

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