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Ask Sofia, vol. 2


Welcome to Episode 8 – the Ask Sofia section of the Boundless Love Podcast.

Every month I am responding to your questions and offering you a next-level perspective on love, relationships and sex. To submit a question please email us: info@sofiasundari.com

In this round, I talk about how you can respond to challenges from your inner Priestess, how to differentiate between ego and self-respect, about men owning their cock, about age difference in relationships, how can a man deeply surrender and more.

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In this episode I cover:

  • Next level questions (00:30)
  • I honor your vulnerability (1:02)
  • Question from Lily: A man who violated physically and spiritually has been recently certified as a tantric practitioner. My heart aches, could you please share your advice? (1:12)
  • Respond from the inner priestess (9:18)
  • Women are the guardians of love (11:58)
  • Question from Garima: Is there a way to differentiate between ego and self-respect? (12:23)
  • Question: Dear Sofia, how can a man occupy and own his Cock? (18:19)
  • Question: How do you feel about daily masturbation? Is it something that can affect my ability to have a healthy sex life with my future partner? It’s so hard to know what to believe. (20:38)
  • Pleasure as Prayer (23:50)
  • Question from Carolina: I just met a man who is 8 years younger than me and I am just shocked at how “mature” he is compared to some other older men I met. I feel sadness when I think about the age (24:10)
  • Question from Mega: How a man can deeply surrender? (26:33)
  • Question: I wonder about the meaning of quickies and spontaneous sex at risky places in this context. It can be exciting and thrilling as well. Probably not as wholesome? Ideas? (28:45)
  • Question: My dick cannot get hard if I wanna have sex with my wife. But it can get hard when I masturbate or with other female. Any explanation, please? (30:34)
  • Question from cat_in_the_dark: What would you say to someone who had tearing during vaginal birth that can no longer have sex without excruciating pain? How would I be a candidate for healing if I have damage that’s lasted going on 2 years postpartum? (33:39)
  • Question from Sensuai: You say to get professional help on sexual trauma. What if a person feels and (re)acts as if they had sexual trauma, but they don‘t as far as they know? Do you recommend professional help as well? (35:50)
  • Question from Gracey: I wanted to ask if it’s normal to have a lot of shadow energy come up after self-pleasuring (having an orgasm) because I experience this today and the energy was so heavy. I just let myself cry it out. I’m assuming this is part of the purging process and the healing? (38:55)
  • Send us your questions for Ask Sofia (41:36)
  • Thank you for spreading this wisdom & knowledge (42:10)

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