Podcast episode

Holy Desire


Have you been following a spiritual path or were brought up with the belief that having a desire is not spiritual?

Do you believe that having desire creates attachments and that we need to transcend them in order to be free?

Join me in this episode and learn about my perspective on how desires are guiding us into profound communion with the Spirit.

In this episode I cover:

  • The belief that “desires are not Holy” (0.58)
  • The path that people like you and I choose (2.03)
  • Tantra is a profound spiritual path that involves being awake in the world (3.38)
  • What is a Holy Desire? (4.14)
  • What is not a Holy Desire? (4.46)
  • What happens when you try to deny the Desire? (5.24)
  • A healthy desire is not a search to compensate absence of self-worth (7.54)
  • The root of every desire is the desire to be One with the Divine (8.20)
  • About my next free Masterclass (9.23)
  • The pre work for you (10.06)

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