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Intimacy, Leadership &Business


You are invited into the new Paradigm, where intimacy supports your leadership and your business. Where your bliss, your joy, your expansion, and your polarized and juicy relationship is the gateway to your success in all areas of Life.

Dive deeper with me in this episode and discover the key to unlock passion & success for the rest of your life.

❤️ Awakened Heart – My new Program for accessing the full spectrum of your Potential through Conscious Eroticism and Profound Intimacy.

In this episode I cover:

00:30 – Introducing the topic: Intimacy, Leadership & Business
01:49 – The new paradigm of intimacy & leadership
03:15 – Personal example: Taking holidays as business owners and couple
05:30 – Different areas of life work together
05:50 – The connection between relationships and business & Oliver’s example of this
08:40 – The importance of realizing that you are held
12:22 – Lead and everything else will follow
13:02 – Daily commitment to practice
13:47 – Forming a Sacred Union
15:15 – Stepping into the New Paradigm
15:44 – There is no perceived separation in a Sacred Union
17:30 – How to attract an aligned partner?
18:30 – All the work is inner work and it never ends
18:38 – Our limitless nature & embodying your essential polarity
20:56 – Woman stepping into their power
22:19 – Sofia’s personal example of being the one earning more money and remaining able to have a polarized relationship
24:48 – Finding your own unique way
25:13 – Success in a relationship is beneficial to success in business
26:34 – Polarity is key to lifelong passion
29:00 – Embodying the Masculine polarity
29:42 – Embodying the Feminine polarity
31:12 – The sacredness of being single
32:00 – New Online Program: Awakened Heart

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