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Inviting your Man into his greatness


Every woman has the innate gift to invite her Man into his greatness. However, in today’s world where patriarchy is ruling our daily lives, this female gift often goes hidden. 

Karmic relationships can catapult you onto a journey of huge transformation and energetic purification, leaving you naked and vulnerable, yet with the choice to step into your own greatness, knowing that you are worthy of everything your Heart yearns for. 

The only question you have to ask yourself is: “Do I dare to walk the path of Love, fully embodying my inner Goddess?” Because this is where you will invite your Man into his greatness and allow him to really show up for you.

Dive deeper with me in this episode and discover ways to uncover your ability to invite your Man into his greatness!

In this episode I cover:

  • The female capacity to invite a Man into his greatness. (01:07)
  • Choosing to be the conduite of Love. (02:42)
  • Relationships as a playground for growth. (03:16)
  • Struggles after the honeymoon phase and misalignment. (05:07)
  • Constant misalignment, intense passion, and Karmic purging. (08:34)
  • Turning inwards, doing the inner work, and owning my wounds. (10:36)
  • Realizing my worthiness. (11:53)
  • Breaking up and rekindling magnetically. (12:33)
  • From mind battles to embodiment, stepping into your own greatness. (14:47)
  • Women’s mystical power of initiation. (20:09)
  • New Age spirituality as an excuse to dismiss your Heart speaking. (22:00)
  • Embodiment of the Feminine heart. (24:44)
  • Allowing your man to show up. (26:52)
  • Not owning your power and being scared of being too happy. (28:09)
  • My upcoming Program: Come, my Love (30:17)
  • My Program: Emotional Mastery (34.24)
  • Magnetic Woman Bundle (34.45)
  • My New Offer: Sundari Summer of Love (35:05)

Come, my Love 

Sundari Summer

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