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My 10th Anniversary as a Leader


There were so many moments when I felt I was falling smashed by the intensity of Life.
Wondering if I could have “a normal settled life”.

And the truth is… No.

The moment you see the potential we have as humans, you cannot unsee it.
When you see it, there’s no way back. 
The moment you get in contact with your Soul, you cannot help it but you want to serve.

You want to do good.

And to really do good we must be constantly evolving.

Many people ask me… How do I find my purpose? 
How can I serve?

This is where we get distracted.

The only purpose there is… is Love.
There’s nothing to search for. It is not about finding a way…

It is about embodying that.
Finding greater alignment within.

Whatever you do from this place… is going to be a masterpiece.

Tune in with me in this episode to discover more about my journey during the 10 years of my Leadership.

Towards the end of the episode I’m sharing about a deep dive I’m offering to my community and all those who wish to unlock the real power of being freely expressed as a Soul in a human body. 

In this episode I cover:

  • The 10th Anniversary of me being a Leader (0:30)
  • Most of my journey was about purifying the old (2:07)
  • The moment you see the potential we have as humans, you can’t unsee it (4:02)
  • How do you find your purpose? (5:00)
  • We get lost in the thoughts (6:13)
  • It was always about serving Love (6:58)
  • Sometimes Love doesn’t taste like honey (8:50)
  • The only purpose in Life (11:03)
  • What happened in 2020? (12:22)
  • The effects of my request (19:15)
  • 2021: Redefining my Incarnation (20:10)
  • The shift of my business towards the Online (22:03)
  • The business is actually a conduit of the Soul (24:26)
  • It need to starts with ourselves (27:30)
  • Dharma requires Surrender (29:53)
  • I didn’t know my purpose (31:19)
  • My upcoming Masterclass: Incarnation (32:40)

Incarnation Masterclass

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